A Kitchen Remodelers in Twin Cities Can Make the Room More Accessible for a Disabled Individual

by | Oct 9, 2021 | Home Improvement

A person who becomes disabled and must use a walker or wheelchair often can continue living at home, but may need some changes made to the home’s design. A professional kitchen remodelers in Twin Cities can make the space safer and more accessible for someone who has become paralyzed or who must manage weakened limbs or balance issues. Relatively small modifications can be made or the room can be fully redesigned.

Many houses have interior doorways that aren’t wheelchair accessible and that even can be problematic for someone using a walker. Doors can be widened and strips at the entrance eliminated. Discreet handrails can be added to a kitchen so the person feels comfortable maneuvering in there. A countertop can be added with seating underneath. This setup is commonly thought of as a snack bar, but it offers a place for someone to do meal preparation without having to stand. Cabinets under the sink can be removed so the person has full access to this area. Another possibility is to have all the plumbing and cabinetry removed and replaced with fully accessible versions.

A kitchen remodelers in Twin Cities also can make changes to the room that are helpful for people with weak hands or painful hand joints. Multiple sclerosis, lupus, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis are examples of health disorders that can cause these problems. The faucet should have one lever for operation and there should be no knobs that must be gripped and turned. Cabinetry also can be made easier to open if it doesn’t require gripping and pulling a knob or handle. If the room doesn’t have a dishwasher, it’s probably time to have one installed.

Someone who has developed a certain level of disability typically wants to be as active as possible, to continue living independently and to maintain the ability to accomplish daily living tasks.

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