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Adding Privacy Glass During Window Replacement in St. Louis MO

When homeowners need a Window Replacement in St. Louis MO, this is a chance to make a change they may have been thinking about for a while. A flat picture window could be replaced with a bow or bay window, for example. Block windows or textured glass could replace standard glass in areas where the household residents would like more privacy.

Bathrooms With Windows

Bathrooms situated at exterior walls commonly have at least one window. If that window consists of flat, clear glass, people tend to keep it covered with a shade or blind unless the wall does not face neighboring houses or yards, or streets or sidewalks. They can still get some fresh air by opening the window, but they don’t get the natural light that could make the space more pleasant.

Block Windows

That type of Window Replacement in St. Louis MO can feel like the best remodeling decision the homeowners have ever made. Block windows prevent anyone from seeing in and they brighten up the space. They can be ordered in versions that open to allow for ventilation.

Textured and Frosted Glass

Another possibility is to have a textured or frosted pane for the lower sash and clear glass for the top. Usually, the top pane is situated high enough that nobody could see into it while standing on the ground. Textured and patterned glass is available in a broad range of styles, conveying the illusion of beads, diamonds, raindrops or other shapes on the window.

A Master Bathroom as a Sanctuary

A master bathroom can become even more of a sanctuary with natural light streaming in. In summer when sunshine is abundant into the evening hours, a person may want to return home from work and lounge in the tub to relax. This is especially appealing to individuals who have labor-intensive jobs or who are on their feet for most of the workday. With privacy glass installed by a supplier such as AM Richards Glass Co., there’s no need to pull the shade and no need to turn on the lights. More information on this particular company can be seen at visit us webiste.