ADU Construction in Temecula, CA for Family Members Wanting to Live Nearby

by | Jun 8, 2022 | Home Builder

A person’s lifetime plans sometimes suddenly disintegrate after learning upsetting news. For example, a happily married young adult with a small child is shocked to discover the spouse wants a divorce and is moving out. In some cases, immediate family members step up to help with childcare. For people who want this to be a long-term arrangement, ADU construction Temecula CA provides extra housing so that everyone can live on the same property.


An accessory dwelling unit is a secondary home on the same lot as a primary residence. Examples of these units include a backyard cottage, an apartment attached to a house, and a loft above a garage. The dwellings are commonly referred to as granny flats and mother-in-law apartments. That indicates a frequent use for these residences: a home for a widowed or divorced parent near an adult child.

Distinct Advantages

ADU construction in Temecula, CA has distinct advantages when family members want to live close to each other. A childcare schedule requires no travel, not even across town. Everyone can easily help with house and yard projects since they live on the same property.

Boosting Property Value

Along with providing a convenient extended family lifestyle, this property addition boosts the home’s value. Even people who aren’t interested in extra long-term residents appreciate having a private dwelling for overnight guests. Especially when visitors stay for several days or longer, having their own separate space is greatly appreciated.

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