Advantages of Choosing a Bathroom Oval Mirror in Santa Clarita CA

by | Nov 24, 2017 | Home Improvement

Rectangular mirrors are the most common in homes, whether they are in bathrooms over the sink, in living rooms for both function and a decorative piece, or in bedrooms to get a full-length view of outfits. An Oval Mirror in Santa Clarita CA is most typically seen in living rooms, entryways and hallways. People may imagine these glass features with ornate frames, typically in a gold color. However, the design can work well in a bathroom too, where it will have a simpler style.


Instead of a horizontal line of lights along the top of the mirror, an Oval Mirror in Santa Clarita CA may be bordered by two or three lights at the top or along the sides. The effect may be reminiscent of a makeup mirror but in a significantly larger size.

A Softer, Flowing Design

There are two main disadvantages with an oval mirror in a bathroom. A larger rectangular mirror is better at conveying the impression of a larger room since the shape reflects the straight lines of the bathroom. No lines are cut off by a curve. Nevertheless, the curved shape brings a softer look to the room that can be quite appealing. Interior designers say an oval shape is better at symbolizing energy flow because there are no corners.

Size Considerations

An oval mirror commonly is smaller than the more standard rectangular mirror, making it more difficult for two people to apply makeup and style their hair at the same time. Yet an oval shape can be more suitable for a small bathroom where options for decorative touches are somewhat limited.

Multiple Mirrors

Depending on the size and design of the room, there may be an option to have two oval mirrors set up over a long countertop or even an area with two separate sinks. That’s one of the most convenient options for two people sharing a home, especially if there’s only one bathroom.

In addition, having multiple mirrors over a countertop is a more intriguing design than the always-expected rectangular piece of glass. A variety of sizes and frames are available from a supplier such as Palmdale Glass and Mirror Company.

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