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Avoiding Garage Door Emergencies in Florida Homes

Garage doors don’t seem like an emergency subject, but just an item as small as a busted spring can result in emergency situations. If the car is stuck inside, it can mean missed events, travel plans, appointments or social groups. It can also mean limited access to the house, a dangerous hanging hazard or a less-secure home because of an open door.

No Emergency Release

Emergency releases wouldn’t help and could lead to dangerous conditions. Steel garage doors can weigh hundreds of pounds, too heavy or dangerous to lift, especially when trying to assist the lifter. The springs are what open doors, and if one breaks, the door stays put.

What to Consider When Choosing a Spring

Springs come in various sizes and types to get proper lift and require consideration when doing garage door spring repair in Carrollwood, FL. They also experience extension and torsion with every lift. In general, a door spring can last through about 10,000 opens before it rusts, cracks or snaps. Dividing that by an average five cycles a day gets about five to six years of use.

High Cycle Springs

In many homes, the garage is the main entrance to the house, which results in a high rate of cycles. High cycle springs are rated at 50,000 cycles, five times the lift value of an average spring. And to stand up the high Florida humidity, a galvanized spring resists erosion.

Call a Garage Door Specialist

For garage door spring repair in Carrollwood, FL, a specialist with experienced staff can help get a garage door spring replaced and repaired quickly. Certified technicians also have trucks stocked with all relevant equipment to get the job done in one stop. To get out of an emergency situation fast, call Discount Garage Doors Inc. or visit them today!