Caring for Wood Anderson Windows in Colorado Springs, CO

by | Feb 3, 2016 | Window Cleaning Service

Property owners having a new home constructed may truly want wood Anderson Windows in Colorado Springs CO, but may worry about whether these products require too much maintenance. They may be tempted to choose vinyl frames instead, but they know that authentic wood windows will look fantastic with their house. Wood frames do need more attention than vinyl, but not as much as people may think. The authenticity of the material and its coordination with wood features inside and outside the home make the little bit of extra work well worth it.

To keep wood frames for Anderson Windows in Colorado Springs CO, looking great inside the house, homeowners simply need to dust them regularly. If any grime becomes apparent over time, the frame can be washed with a damp cloth and some mild detergent; the frames should be dried immediately afterward with another soft cloth. Once or twice a year, the frames could be polished with Murphy’s Oil or another oil-based soap. Regular furniture polish might be used occasionally during dusting, but the person must keep in mind that this polish tends to build up on the surface if used regularly. Oil-based soap should clear it away if that happens.

Caring for frames for Anderson Windows in Colorado Springs CO, on the exterior of the home is a similar process, except homeowners, probably won’t bother with dusting them. The frames should be cleaned a few times a year with a soft damp cloth and mild detergent. The window panes could be washed at the same time. While cleaning the frames, the homeowner should inspect them for problems. The sooner any problems are detected, the faster they can be resolved and prevented from becoming worse.

The frames will need to be painted, stained, or have another protective coating applied on occasion, but this may only need to be done every three to five years. Homeowners can identify any initial signs that this project should be done. A high-quality, oil-based staining product is best for the natural wood look. That natural wood look is the reason so many homeowners choose Anderson Windows at Clearview Distributors.

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