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Should You Choose Professional Artificial Grass Installation in Orlando FL?

It may appear quite straightforward; however, artificial grass installation is not quite as simple as it looks. Although DIY installation might save a little money, there are tricks and techniques that pros use to get the best result. Before you decide whether you will attempt it or whether you will employ professionals, you should consider a few points.

Do You Know How to Do It?

There is no such thing as a standard approach to artificial grass installation in Orlando FL. Although the majority of people want to replace their lawn with artificial grass, others want to install it on concrete patios, wooden decks, or even indoors.

Before installation, some things must be considered.

Pets: If you have pets, you will want to install a permeable sub-base that will allow for the runoff of urine without leaving any odor behind. This is also true if your garden has poor drainage.

Edging: There are various approaches to edging, and each requires a different approach. You can use timber, steel, or plastic; they all allow the grass to be secured around the edges.

Do You Have the Correct Tools?

Having the correct tools for the job makes the task easier and ensures a better result. Most homeowners own the necessary tools, such as a shovel and wheelbarrow, but what about specialty tools? For proper installation, there are tools required that you would not find in a typical garage. A plate compactor is needed to ensure the sub base is properly compacted and contoured. A turf cutter will save hours of backbreaking work.

Any money you might have saved by installing the artificial grass yourself will be eaten up with the purchase of all the tools needed.

Those involved in artificial grass installation in Orlando FL knows what to do, knows what not to do, and has all the tools needed to do a perfect job. For more information on an artificial grass installation in Miami, FL, visit Easy Turf on their website or call 866-327-9887.