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Choosing a New Garage Flooring in Long Island

Concrete garage floors can dimish over time from moisture, oil drippings, chemical spills and other elements that come with day to day use. Applying new Garage Flooring in Long Island can not only improve the way the floor looks but it will also offer a new line of protection. A new floor will also make it easier to clean and hide any surface problems.

Types of Garage Flooring

There are two main types of garage flooring: coatings and coverings.

Coatings. Coatings include floor paints, epoxy paint, stains, and sealers. They are generally less expensive to purchase and apply then what a covering would be. They are responsible for protecting against stains, chemicals, and moisture penetration. However, coatings should not be used where ground moisture can seep through.

  • Floor paints. Floor paints are a more durable version than wall paint and are the least expensive of the coatings. It’s easy to apply and clean up when needed.
  • Epoxy paint. Epoxy paint is good for those who are able to work in a quick manner as the paint quickly hardens once applied. Epoxy is the most durable of coatings.
  • Concrete Stains. This is a decorative coloring that soaks into the concrete, giving it a pigmented and marbled appearance similar to natural stone.
  • Concrete Sealers. Sealers act as floor paint but are tougher. Next, to paint, they are the least expensive floor coverings. They come in two main varieties- acrylic/ latex and urethane.

Coverings. Coverings come in two forms- interlocking tiles and rollout mats. Coverings are easy to use and the only prepping needed is a good sweep and vacuum. Coverings will hide cracks and can be applied over damp concrete.

  • Interlocking Tiles. Interlocking tiles snap together and can handle heavier loads. They also expand and contract less than flexible tiles during different weather conditions. The tiles come in a variety of different colors and styles. They are extremely easy to clean and are more chemical resistant than plastic tiles or mats.
  • Rollout Mats. Rollout mats are easy to move when needed and can cover an entire garage floor when using multiple. Mats are also fairly easy to clean.

Whatever material is chosen for your Garage Flooring in Long Island having a layer of protection is a way to ensure the garage floor will last for many years to come. For more information, visit Hoffman Floor Covering Corporation today. You can also visit on Facebook for more information.