Commercial Kitchen Cabinet Makers Help Make Hotel Suites Homey

by | May 31, 2024 | Furniture

When someone wants to create an independent hotel of suites for travelers and contract workers, attractive features that help it compete with national chains are important. Contract workers commonly want kitchenettes so that they can prepare at least some of their meals in their home away from home. Hiring one of the premier commercial kitchen cabinet makers is an effective strategy for making this part of the suite particularly impressive.

Hotel Kitchenettes

The kitchenettes typically include a minimum of a microwave, compact refrigerator, countertops, cabinetry and a sink. Larger suites may feature a mini or apartment-size refrigerator and a stovetop. There could be a small wall oven, although this is less common. Guests expect a coffeemaker and perhaps a few other small appliances, along with some pans and basic kitchenware.


The property owner can consult with kitchen cabinet makers about the best materials for this purpose and designs to make the room look upscale as well as homey. Contract workers are likely to miss home at least a little, so having a kitchenette that feels entirely comfortable is appealing. They also may want it to look classy, especially if they plan to have family or friends visit.


Since kitchenettes tend to be relatively small, lighter-colored cabinetry is probably preferable. This makes the room look larger and cheerier. Although many people think of certain wood species as dark, that often is a misconception. The design professional can provide guidance on wood colors.

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