Deciding on the Right Color for Residential Metal Roof Installation in Columbus OH

by | Jul 27, 2018 | Roofing

Metal Roof Installation in Columbus OH is a huge investment, so the homeowners want to be sure they choose the best color and style for the appearance of their house. They may never need to have this improvement feature replaced since metal roofing usually lasts for at least 30 years. By the time homeowners decide to call contractors for estimates, they have probably already looked at many metal roofs while driving around, and they have a good sense of what they like.

Main Considerations

In hot climates, homeowners are encouraged to choose light colors, so the roof doesn’t hold heat, but that’s not a concern in this part of the country. The main considerations will be which hues are most pleasing to the owners of the house and which are complementary to the siding and other features.

Interior Reflection

Another important point is whether there is any part of the home from which the roof can be seen. In some homes, an upper story looks down over part of the first-story roof. Light reflected from the metal coming into those rooms will have a tinge of the same hue. The homeowners may love the idea of a red roof, but if their house has this kind of design, there will be a reddish light coming in when the sun shines on the metal.

Online Tools

Because of the Internet, people have an easier time than ever before in choosing the color for their metal Roof Installation in Columbus OH. They can view a broad range of options online, and there are even tools allowing them to upload photos of the house and change the color of the roof. If they don’t want to do this, they can find examples of homes similar in design and siding color, and then click on the roof to change it to different colors. These Web tools are fun to play with and very informative.

Decades ago, metal roofs were only available in a limited number of colors and designs. Now, however, a wide variety of possibilities are provided by contractors like J.F. Baker’s Sons. Contact us to get started.

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