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Don’t Handle Opossum Removal in Dublin OH On Your Own

Opossums generally do not cause too much trouble, but they could get into a home trying to find shelter. If any are noticed inside an attic in the home, the homeowner is going to want to have them removed right away and is going to want to make sure the home is cleaned carefully to avoid the spread of any diseases. Homeowners will not want to do this on their own. They’ll want to contact a professional for Opossum Removal in Dublin OH.

How Do Opossums Get Inside a Home?

Generally, opossums are great climbers. If there are tree branches within around 10 feet of the home, they might be able to climb up and get into the attic through a damaged vent or screen, or any other small hole in the home. Once inside the home, they might set up a nest or start to look around inside the attic for something they can eat. They can damage ductwork, wiring, and anything inside the attic while they live there.

Why Does a Professional Need to Remove Them?

Opossums can be dangerous to catch, and they can carry diseases. Homeowners will want to contact a professional to get help to remove them, so no one is injured during the removal process. Additionally, a professional can capture them alive and relocate them to a place where they can live without getting into anyone’s home or causing any destruction when they decide to create their nest.

What Needs to be Done After the Removal?

After the removal, the homeowner will want to find out how they got into the home and make sure any repairs are done to eliminate the entrance. If they entered through a broken vent, the vent needs to be replaced. The homeowner will also want to have the attic cleaned to ensure there are no traces of the opossums left and will want to make sure they have their ductwork and electrical wires checked by a professional to ensure there is no damage.

If you’ve noticed sounds in your attic and discovered opossums, make sure you contact an expert for Opossum Removal in Dublin OH right away to protect your home and your family. Check us out online to get more information today.