Eliminate Pet Dander and Old Smells With Air Duct Cleaning in Bowie

by | Feb 9, 2016 | Restoration Services

Indoor air quality is an extremely important factor for a comfortable home, but it is more difficult to come by than people think. Surprisingly, much of the problem with indoor air comes from the air ducts. Air Duct Cleaning in Bowie can help by removing many of the particulates that cause breathing problems. For example, cooking can cause a lot of oils, dust and odors to get into the air. This gunk is then drawn into the air ducts where it is possible to smell it for weeks. Cleaning the ducts can remove a lot of this gunk which improves the quality of the indoor air.

Air Duct Cleaning in Bowie is not exactly an easy task. First, the contractor needs access to the pipes. This is often done by removing a vent or entering the ducts through the air exchanger. An air exchanger is that large space inside the AC that houses the evaporator coil and access to the furnace. The purpose of this space is to accumulate treated air before it is delivered throughout the building. This is often necessary to prevent the unit from blowing cold air through the home when the furnace starts, but it also reduces the amount of warm air that gets spread throughout the space when the AC starts up.

The most common way to clean the ducts uses a brush or reverse vacuum pressure. In some cases, the contractor may opt for both methods, but this will depend on the type of air ducts installed. Older air ducts tend to handle cleaning much better than the somewhat thinner modern ducts. Even worse, some ducts use an insulated board for their siding, and this material could collapse when cleaned using the vacuum method. These are the best reasons why it is important to contact an expert when cleaning those ducts. You can visit here to get more information.

One wrong move could result in a lot of damage. Torn, dented or otherwise damaged vents usually require replacement to avoid loss of air through the damaged places. Air leaks in the ducts are one of the most expensive problems in the comfort industry today. Contact the experts at ServiceMaster by America’s Restoration Services to learn more about cleaning out those nasty air ducts.

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