Ensuring You Get The Right Walk In Freezer

by | Dec 5, 2016 | Home Improvement

If your business requires climate control, there are a number of very important issues that must be faced. The following might prove helpful when you are deciding on which walk in freezers in California meet your specific needs.

Different types of walk-ins:

There are really only two options; prefabricated and custom built-in units. Prefab units come complete, including insulated panels that have been designed and built in accordance with the product requirements. Prefabricated walk in freezers in California have a number of benefits, these include the ability to relocate them in the future if need be and they are far easier to enlarge. Although built-in units are extremely popular, they can’t be moved and enlarging them poses more difficult problems.

The components of a walk in freezer:

Different types of walk ins and those produced by different manufacturers have certain variables but basically a big insulated box with an integral cooling system. There is not a lot to them; a series of panels, the floor, door and the refrigeration equipment.

Panels: The best panels utilize polystyrene or polyurethane insulation sandwiched between metal sheets. The finished thickness of the panel depends on whether the unit is designed for chilling or freezing the contents. The exterior and interior materials used to develop the sandwich can be galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless and wood. The most often used insulating material is foamed in place polyurethane. The panels are one of the keys to an efficient installation, look for walk in freezers in California that employ high-quality insulation; material with a high R-value and low thermal transference is that which will cut the cost of operation and reduce temperature loss.

Doors: There are numerous options for the freezer door; the choice is often made based on space, ease of access and speed of operation. Pay particular attention to a self-closing feature, this is required on all walk in freezers in California.

Walk in freezers in California are requirements for many industries and businesses. If you operate a restaurant or you are involved in food processing, packaging and storage you are invited to discuss the specifics of your application with Turn Key Systems

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