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For Clean Pipes, Call a Septic Company Specializing in Hydro Jetting Service

When pipes clog, septic services consider the age of pipes plus the fact that roots of trees can damage them, allowing dirt and debris to collect inside. When debris damages a septic system, unclogging them often calls for modern and advanced techniques. One technique is the insertion of a video camera deep inside the pipe to show exactly what is going on. The camera is a unique and wonderful time and expense saver that eliminates the need to tear up the property. All that would need to be done is digging where the camera showed the pipe is clogged.

Septic companies also offer a Hydro Jetting Service that thoroughly cleans clogged pipes. The stream of water is so powerful it clears mineral deposits plus tree roots. Log on to to view their company website showing the many services they offer their customers. Besides cleaning sewer lines, they clean grease traps of restaurants, hotels, churches, and schools that offer food preparation services for their students or clientele. If any business fries foods, they’ll need their grease traps regularly cleaned and maintained.

Every home’s outside drains can become clogged and need to be cleared by using a Hydro Jetting Service that makes sure there’s nothing left inside to clog them. Clogged drains can cause great damage to a home and its basement when the water backs up. Very often, raw sewage will back up into the home, bringing with it trillions of harmful bacteria. This is when a company that cleans septic tanks must be called in to clean and repair the system, tank, and the pipes leading away from the home.

Septic companies also install brand new tanks at homes being newly constructed. They offer estimates on what the system will cost by the time it’s completed, plus give advice on how to take care it once it’s installed. If a family is large, the tank will have to be cleaned more often than a small family’s will. By maintaining the septic system properly, it will last much longer than when it’s ignored until it’s so full the commodes won’t flush.

If the ground on top of a septic system begins to get mushy, and actually has a foul odor to it, it’s time to call a good company to see what’s going on under the ground.