Foundation Level in Norman OK: Understanding How to Handle an Unlevel Foundation

by | Apr 15, 2019 | Foundation Repair

It’s pretty obvious that unleveled floors are characterized by sloping or non-level floors. However, with floor sloping, there could be a larger, structural issue present. If a homeowner notices their floor isn’t level, there are a few things they should check before calling in the professionals to help get the Foundation Level in Norman OK. Also, figuring out the underlying cause will give a homeowner an idea of what the problem is going to cost them to fix.

When the Floor Slopes in One Direction

If a homeowner notices their floor is significantly sloped in one direction, then this may indicate some type of structural damage, including settlement or foundation damage. The direction the floor slops is going to usually always be where the cause of the unleveled floor is found. In some cases, this type of condition can be accompanied by additional symptoms such as a cracked foundation, and cracks in the walls and plaster. Calling for help with figuring out how to get the Foundation Level in Norman OK again is the best course of action.

Unleveled Floors in Certain Areas of a House

If there are localized slopes in the floors, or if the sloping has been limited to specific parts of the house, then there is probably just damage in the supporting members of these areas. In most cases, this type of damage is going to be much more affordable to have repaired than the one that was mentioned above.

One of the most common examples of this type of issue is if the sloping is localized to the fireplace. What typically happens here is that the structure of the fireplace was installed on ground that had not be compacted as much as the other area the foundation was put on. This can result in a slope.

When it comes to a home’s foundation, there is no time to guess. It is crucial to take the steps to have issues repaired related to sloping and unevenness right away. After all, the problem is only going to get worse as time passes. More information about sloping flooring can be found by visiting the website.

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