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Frequently Asked Questions About Purchasing A Quality Wood Stove In Hagerstown MD

Individuals who have a wood stove in their home as a primary heating source rave about the comfortable temperatures inside their homes during the winter months. Since wood heat is radiant heat, the floor also stays warm and the cooler air doesn’t absorb the heat. Individuals who are interested in purchasing a Quality Wood Stove in Hagerstown MD should read the frequently asked questions below.

What are some of the benefits for homeowners when using a wood stove as their heat source?

In addition to the immeasurable warmth of the heat from a wood stove, individuals will quickly discover that they’re saving money on their heating costs. During winter storms, if the electric power goes out, individuals who have a wood stove will still stay warm. Wood stoves are also beneficial for the environment because when individuals burn firewood, they’re using a renewable source to heat their homes.

What are some factors homeowners should consider when choosing the size of their wood stove?

When purchasing a wood stove and choosing the correct size, homeowners should first consider the size of the area they’ll be heating. Individuals who are purchasing a wood stove to mainly heat one or two rooms in the home often purchase one of the smaller sized stoves. A larger stove is necessary if individuals are purchasing a wood stove to heat the entire house. Other factors include the height of the ceiling, the number of windows in the room and how well the house is insulated.

Do wood stoves wear out and do they ever need to be replaced?

Wood stoves generally last for many years but individuals who have a wood stove that is over 20 years old should consider purchasing a replacement. New wood stoves are much more efficient, they burn less wood and they release less smoke than older models. Individuals who have owned the same stove for several years can purchase a Quality Wood Stove in Hagerstown MD from an experienced company.

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