Granite Kitchen Counters in Seattle, WA and Other Options to Consider

by | Feb 15, 2017 | Home Improvement

Pre-molded and pre-cut countertops are sold at unbeatable prices. They are found in large surfaces in different sizes, but is very little flexibility when it comes to the choice of colors and finishes. Here is a short list that details other options people can turn to besides granite kitchen counters in Seattle, WA.


Concrete provides an industrial look. It is a material that combines well with wood and stainless steel and can be dyed in different colors. There is also a possibility of having a molded sink put in place. There is a very limited workforce that can do this type of work. It requires a base capable of supporting weight as well as a sealer. In fact, it can crack if something heavy is dropped on it. Plus, it’s fairly expensive.


This option fits well with the country look because there is a possibility of infinite patterns and textures. People must pay attention to joints where dirt tends to accumulate. It is recommended to put an epoxy grout and make joints as small as possible.

Wood (butcher block style)

Wood can bring instant warmth to any room, especially the kitchen. However, wood scratches quite easily and requires careful maintenance. It must be sealed periodically. For all these reasons, it’s better to stick to a simple laminated wood insert inside a granite countertop, for example.


This option is a polished stone of great elegance and is available in several colors. It is the ideal surface for preparing cooked food, making sweets, or rolling dough.  are resistant to water, heat, and stains. It resists most alcohols, oils, and lemon juices, which means it is easy to clean while being functional and aesthetic. It is expensive, however, and bottom cabinets may need to be reinforced to ensure stability.


This dense, fine-grained stone is available in black and gradations of green, gray, purple, red, and blue. It is less expensive than marble and granite as well. In fact, it is also resistant to water and heat. Any surface damage can be eliminated by sanding the countertop. There are a couple of disadvantages, though. For starters, bottom cabinets may need to be reinforced.  to learn more.

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