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There Is Help Available for Wallpaper Removal in Liberty, MO

One of the nastiest home decorating jobs is Wallpaper Removal in Liberty MO. When a person attempts to remove wallpaper, they need to wet the wall, score the wallpaper, and then start scraping and scraping and scraping. No fun, smelly, and a big mess. But, a painting company such as Platinum Painting LLC will have the equipment to make short work of this job. When they are done removing the wallpaper and hauling away the mess, they can repair the wall and get it ready to paint or new paper.

Wallpaper Removal

If there is old, stained, or damaged wallpaper on a wall or a whole house, it must be removed before new surfaces can be exposed. Wallpaper can be properly installed so that it comes off in nice big pieces and strips. But, there will be the glue to scrape and scrub off. More likely, the people who hung the old wallpaper skipped steps and glued it to the wall without using sizing first. In this case, the paper may be very difficult to remove.

Removing wallpaper involves scoring, wetting the surface, letting the surface soak, and then wetting it again. If it is vinyl paper or vinyl-coated paper, it may come off in big pieces, leaving a layer of glue, sizing, and thin paper behind. This must be re-wet and scraped. Then, the wall must be scrubbed to remove all the residue. It can go rather quickly or the paper can be stubborn and come off in tiny strips and chips.

Professional painting companies have special equipment and safe chemicals to make this nasty job go quickly with little damage to the underlying walls. They also have the experience necessary to make quick work of Wallpaper Removal in Liberty MO.

Clean Walls

When the paper and glue residues are gone, the walls can be repaired and made ready for a new life as a painted wall or a wall with new wallpaper that has been properly installed. Having someone else do this job is worth the investment. Please browse the website for more information on home decorating services or to schedule an appointment with a wallpaper expert.