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How Homeowners Can Tell If They Need Replacement Windows in Washington DC

Many homeowners try to keep their homes in good condition to avoid costly renovations. However, things don’t always work out and something needs to be fixed or replaced. Windows are one of the most common parts of a home that need to be replaced, but many homeowners are unable to properly recognize that they need replacement windows. Here are a few signs that residents can watch for to tell them if they need replacement windows in their Washington DC home.


Both the frame and the seal of a window can warp, which compromises the windows ability to perform. Warping can be a result of age or temperature fluctuations, or both. When this happens, a window loses its insulating properties and unwanted moisture and air can get into the home. Most warped windows will have unexplained condensation or fog on the inner pane of glass and may even be producing a draft.

Single Panes

Single panned windows were common in older homes and they have proven to be rather ineffective. Unlike a double pane window, which has a layer of gas acting as an insulator between the glass panes, single pane windows allow heat to easily pass through. As a result, they are less energy efficient and can make it harder to maintain the temperature inside the home.


It may be understandable if a window sticks a little if it hasn’t been opened in a long time, but problems opening or closing a window may be the biggest sign that it’s time to upgrade. In many cases, replacement windows in Washington DC are a result of aged and worn windows that simply do not work as well as they used to.

There are a lot of options available for replacement windows. Get more information by visiting the experts at Master Seal and see what they can do for you today!