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How to Get the Best-Looking Lawn on the Block

Lawn mowing might seem pretty cut and dried, but it’s actually not if you have no clue what you are doing. Yes, you can simply mow the lawn to make sure it’s neat and kempt, but there’s much more to it. If you want the best-looking lawn on the block, there are certain things you should know about lawn mowing in Alpharetta to make you the envy of the neighborhood.

Don’t Cut It Too Short

While it might be tempting to cut your lawn as low as possible, it’s not a good idea. Cutting it too low, or scalping, is not only unsightly, but it can make your lawn more vulnerable to diseases and pesky weed infestations. A too-short lawn allows sunlight to penetrate through, which can increase weed growth and dry out roots. Consistently cutting the lawn too short can lead to severe damage.

Keep That Blade Sharp

Just like you don’t use dull scissors or knives, you don’t want a dull mower blade. A sharp blade is going to produce the best results for a better-looking lawn. When blades are sharp, they cut the grass more evenly and cleanly. On the other hand, a dull blade will result in uneven, torn and jagged grass that just won’t look good. Even beyond aesthetics, torn grass blades make them more susceptible to pests and other grass diseases.

Dry vs. Wet

Dry or wet, which is the best way to cut the grass? Even though mowing a wet lawn isn’t wrong per se, it won’t produce the results you are looking for. Wet grass can become clumped, resulting in an uneven cut. Wet grass can also clog the mower, which can be a hassle to remove.

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