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Important Reasons to Have a Termite Inspection in Severna Park

Termites are typically around all year long. However, they are usually more active during the summer. Rather than waiting around for them to appear, it is best to have an annual Termite Inspection in Severna Park to guarantee they have not made their way into the house. Here are some of the main reasons every homeowner should have an inspection done at least once a year.

Activity Increases in the Summer

The activity of termites increases by a lot during the summer months. During that time, the home is at risk of damage if the termites infest the house. By investing a little money into a Termite Inspection in Severna Park, a homeowner can avoid costly damage in the future.

A Swarm Was Spotted

Termites will often swarm, especially after it has rained outside or if they are running out of food. If a swarm has been spotted in the house it is wise to go ahead and call a professional company to get rid of them before matters get worse. While the swarms do not cause actual damage to the house this usually means there is an active colony somewhere in the area.

The Homeowner Has Had Termites Before

If an individual has dealt with termites before, it is best to continue having routine inspections to make sure they did not return. There is always a possibility that they will come back so it is best to have termite professionals give the house a quality inspection.

Wood Damage Is Evident

If a homeowner notices wood damage at any time, the first thing they should consider is the possibility that termites are in the home. These termites start eating the wood deep inside the walls of the house which means by the time the damage is noticed; it is too late. This could cause serious and permanent damage to the house so it is best to have an immediate inspection.

To Protect a Homeowner’s Investment

Perhaps the individual is planning to sell their home they have lived in for years or maybe they are looking to purchase a new home. Either way, it is very important to have a quality termite inspection done before either of these things take place.

These are all reasons to have a quality inspection on the house for termites. Contact us if it is time for an inspection.