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Learning About Earwigs Termite In Maui

When people are trying to control insects, it’s best to know the differences between some pests. That’s why anyone who is dealing with Earwigs Termite Maui should know the difference between the two insects. Although they share some common characteristics, there are some traits that make them very different from each other. That affects how to control the insects.

Some Differences

Learning about these two types of insects isn’t that hard. Understand that these two kinds of insects will both have three body segments and six legs. Earwigs Termite Maui have social differences. While termites are social insects and live in colonies, earwigs are not social. Some people might get confused and think that earwigs are social because a lot of the insects might be in one area. In reality, the insects are just attracted to shelter and resources in the area.

More Differences

Earwigs and termites have different tastes in food. Termites are known for their taste in cellulose. That’s why termites can cause a lot of damage to wood. While earwigs will eat other insects, termites will not. Although earwigs will consume other insects, they prefer to dine on vegetation. It really doesn’t matter what state the vegetation is in. Termites are a lighter color than earwigs, and some termites can’t survive in sunlight for too long.

Fighting The Insects

Once a person learns the differences, they will know how to identify and fight the insects they encounter. Earwigs prefer vegetation and can hide under mulch. Some people prefer to use insecticides on their vegetation to control earwigs. Termites have scouts that look for places to establish new colonies. These winged scouts typically come out in spring to look for inviting places to live. Eliminating scouts can keep termites from establishing a colony on a property.

If a person hasn’t done enough to prevent earwigs or termites from establishing a presence on their property, they will need to contact a company like Bowman Termite & Pest Management LLC to help control the pests. Since termites can do an incredible amount of damage over an extended period of time, it’s wise to take them as a serious threat and act fast. You can also connect them on Facebook.