Louvre Windows in Gold Coast: Benefits

by | Jun 11, 2018 | Glass Repair Service

Choosing the most appropriate window for your home is essential. Most people choose traditional styles, such as casement and single-pane features. However, some Australians want to do something bold that can help reduce energy bills.

If you used to wish that you could leave the window open to hear the rain or want to let in natural light, Louvre windows in Gold Coast are the perfect solution. It’s highly stylish and goes well with almost any décor. Plus, you can choose the colour to match the exterior of the house. It uses blades in a vertical (or horizontal) fashion that can be opened manually or by motor.

Louvre windows in Gold Coast allow air and light to pass freely into the home. They can also be opened the full width of the window which allows for maximum airflow. You are always in control and can angle the blades sharply to let in more light and air. However, you can keep them somewhat shut (but still open slightly) to let in the smells and sounds when it’s raining. Because of their abilities, you can clean both sides from the inside of your home, making them much more convenient.

At Central Glass & Aluminium, they love when customers want something new and innovative. Louvre windows in Gold Coast just use clips and slats. Many people want glass slats, but you can choose any type of metal or timbre, as well. They open fully as much as the window frame allows, ensuring you get the most light and airflow. CGA can also fit these windows with screens, which ensures that you can get the light and airflow without all the bugs. If security is a concern, you can also choose Crimsafe screens, which deters thieves and other criminals.

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