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Need Insulated Refrigerator Doors, Find Them in California

The cost of energy is on the rise. For those operating a commercial refrigeration facility, the correct selection of insulated refrigeration doors is important. When choosing doors for any cold storage facility in California, they have to be the correct type and size to accommodate traffic in and out and to maintain the interior temperature. The best doors are those that open and close automatically and have extremely efficient seals. Refrigerator doors that are well sealed when closed, and stay open for the minimum amount of time to accommodate traffic, are ideal.

Standard Entry Doors

There are two different types of swing doors. One type overlaps the frame when closed; the other type fits flush with the frame when closed. Standard insulated refrigeration doors are used to accommodate pedestrian traffic; at most, they can accommodate hand trucks and pallet jacks. These doors are not designed to accommodate fork trucks. The common width is 36 inches and 60 inches.

In refrigerated facilities where there is considerable traffic or the method of moving, materials are by fork truck, sliding doors are the better choice.

Glass Doors

Glass doors are not used in large commercial refrigerators. They are however almost a must where packaged products are sold to retail customers. All retail operations want to sell products, the more, the better. To do this, customers have to see the product and then consider the offering. Wide glass doors are favored in retail establishments. They allow customers to access more product in a limited space.

There are many different types of insulated doors available. Standard entry doors and glass doors are just two. In large warehouse operations, single or double sliding doors are popular as are vertical lift and sectional doors. The choice of door is usually based on the available space, the amount of traffic, and the room temperature.