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The Most Popular Trends For Bathroom Showers In Kansas City

A bathroom is one of the most used rooms in a home and should be designed to create a relaxing, spa like experience. One of the elements that most homeowners overlook when remodeling a bathroom is the plumbing products used in the final design.

There are a variety of options for Bathroom Showers in Kansas City, so it is important to understand the benefits to each and choose one that will provide the best visual appeal and meet a household’s needs. Here is a quick look at the most popular options.

Rain Head Showers

Nearly everyone agrees that the sound of lightly falling rain is relaxing, and a rain head shower can help create that effect in a shower. Most come in a wide array of sizes and designs and provide adequate water flow for bathing while acting as a source of relaxation. Rain heads can be installed in an existing plumbing outlet location or installed overhead to provide a realistic rainfall feeling.

Extendable Sprayers

Extendable sprayers are connected to the water connection via a flexible hose, which allows the sprayer to be detached from the wall so it can be focused on specific areas of the body. Many homeowners also use a sprayer of this nature for bathing a dog or cleaning their shower, as it makes it easy to direct water without the utilization of a cup. Make any shower easier to use by installing an extendable sprayer.

Recessed Shower Tiles

One of the latest trends to hit Bathroom Showers in Kansas City is the use of recessed shower heads. These smaller sized heads are designed to provide spray coverage from the side and are recessed into the wall so that they blend into the shower. When activated, they emit a light stream of water and can be rotated to flow in a particular direction.

A bathroom that is outdated can be turned into a luxurious spa like atmosphere that makes bath time an enjoyable and relaxing activity. The design team at Kitchens and Baths by Briggs can help anyone make their dream bathroom a reality, and provide contracting services to ensure the project is completed correctly. Be sure to Contact them to learn more, and take the first step in giving any bathroom the makeover it deserves.