Popular Window Types to Consider for Your Window Replacement in Connecticut

by | Aug 31, 2016 | Home Improvement

When it comes to Window Replacement in Connecticut there are many things to consider including window type, style, function, design, and of course, cost. Sometimes the need is compulsory due to an errant baseball destroying the living room window pane. Other times, window replacement is done to upgrade old or failing windows.

Commonly found window types provided by window manufacturers and companies include the following:

  • Double-Hung -; This window type offers an advantage over the single-hung types in that both the upper and lower window panes open, tilt in, and move up or down. They can also be purchased with either pane as a fixed pane as well. Opting to have the bottom pane fixed is a great choice for bedrooms with youngsters.

  • Single-Hung -; These typically come with the top window pane fixed with the bottom pane being movable. The top pane being fixed cannot tilt in, but the bottom pane does. Both single and double-hung windows that tilt-in are good options for small spaces since they take up less room.

  • Picture Windows -; This window type is a fixed window type used predominantly when an uninterrupted view is desired and the need for ventilation is not a concern. The term “picture” was coined for this window type because it creates a portrait of the view outside the window. Most are fairly large, providing substantial amounts of sunlight to penetrate the interior, making them popular for breakfast and dining areas. Because of their larger surface area choosing insulated glass increases their energy efficiency.

  • Casement & Projected Windows -; This window type has sashes that swing outward from the frame. Casement windows typically have sashes that are side-hung and open either on the left or right side. Projected windows are top-hung permitting the bottom portion to swing outwards. An advantage of casement windows is that since they are taller than they are wide, they occupy less space. The primary benefit of projected windows for your Window Replacement in Connecticut is that they can remain open even when it is raining or windy outside, without allowing rain to enter.

These are just a sample of the many different window types available for consideration. Visit the website of your favorite window manufacturer or installer for examples of bay windows, box windows, awning windows, and transom windows. Most window types are available in wood, aluminum, vinyl, or fiberglass.

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