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Reasons for the Ongoing Trend of Residential Granite Kitchen Countertops in Seattle WA

The installation of granite kitchen countertops in Seattle, WA and elsewhere continues to be a very strong trend as homeowners choose this material for its stylish look and durability. Before the 1980s, granite for countertops was an uncommon selection. However, by the 21st Century, more than half of new homes and kitchen remodeling projects were including this material for the counters. It had outpaced quartz, marble, laminate and all other options.

Granite in New Spec Homes

One reason for the trend was that home builders constructing houses on spec increasingly chose granite for the kitchen countertops. The material had become available in such a broad range of colors and patterns that each kitchen could look truly unique. All these characteristics were completely natural to the stone and not devised in a factory. Homes were easier to sell when they included these higher-end countertops and buyers knew there would probably be no other kitchen that looked quite like theirs in the area.

Granite in Remodeling Projects

Homeowners who saw Granite kitchen countertops in Seattle, WA in these newer structures became intrigued about having the material installed in their own houses during a renovation. That additional factor led to a rapid expansion of the granite trend. Certain styles and colors of countertops can begin to look noticeably dated after a few decades, and replacing them with these natural stone models was a welcome solution.

Lower Cost

An especially important aspect was the reduced cost for countertops from companies such as Granite Top Inc. In earlier years, hand-cutting of the stone was necessary when customers wanted specific fits for remodeling and for new kitchen designs. The development of computer-assisted design and computerized cutting equipment brought costs down, making granite more affordable for many more consumers.

Concluding Thoughts

Although these countertops required a bit more tender loving care than some other materials, people were happy to have the lovely stone features on which they could do meal preparation, keep small appliances and use as snack bars. Homeowners who prefer light colors in the kitchen might consider marble, but that material is more susceptible to staining and scratches.