Reduce Energy Usage With the Energy Efficient Roofing in Edmond

by | Oct 17, 2016 | Roofing

The primary function of the roof is to keep the elements outside the building, but sometimes it can fail at its job. For instance, even the best asphalt roof cannot keep heat from building up in the attic area, and this will eventually affect the comfort appliances that the home uses. Thankfully, science and roofing manufacturers have some solutions for this issue, and one of them is energy efficient shingles. This product functions by using reflective materials to reduce solar heat. That is, the materials reflect infra-red and ultra-violet light so that less heat gets trapped in the shingle and subsequently transferred to the attic. To ensure the home looks great, this type of roofing in Edmond can come in a variety of colors.

Another possibility for a cooler roof is insulated steel panels. These are typically a standing seam panel that connects and overlap at the edges to eliminate leakage. The insulating value will depend on the product because some materials are created for commercial buildings with large, open areas while others are made for different uses. This kind of Roofing in Edmond can easily be used for a variety of residential purposes as well as most commercial applications.Making an existing roof more energy efficient may depend on the type of roof in place.

For instance, a roof made from BUR (built-up roofing) can be coated with spray on sealants or asphalt based materials that can reflect light. Most steel and polymer based roofs can also be coated. Coating the roof can bring multiple benefits such as extending the life of the roof, protecting it from the elements and reducing heat buildup.

Keep in mind that any changes to the roof should only be done after the roof has been thoroughly inspected and any necessary repairs are made. Coating a weak roof will not make it more reliable. Likewise, coating a new roof may not bring many additional benefits. In fact, if the roof must be replaced, it may be a better option to consider combining the energy efficiency into the new roof before it is installed. Click here to learn more about roofing repairs, maintenance and energy efficiency from the expert.

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