Replacing Windows in Lancaster, PA: Everything You Need to Know

by | Aug 20, 2018 | Home Improvement

The window frames installed on the outside of your house are susceptible to a considerable amount of damage and need a considerable amount of maintenance to keep them in prime condition. The window frames will take a considerable beating over time, primarily from the environmental elements, thus making it important for you to replace them if the damage is severe. Replacing the windows in Lancaster, PA isn’t a complicated process, mainly because there are several companies that currently offer window frames and glass panels at discounted rates. Here are some simple things that you need to know about replacing the window frames in your house.

Types of Frames

Today, you can choose from several different materials for your windows. It is very important that you visit local companies in the area, such as Walter & Jackson Inc. if you need more information about the different types of window frames. In the past, most people simply had to choose wooden window frames. That is no longer the case with numerous materials gaining popularity, such as vinyl and metals such as aluminum and stainless steel. With so many different types of frames to choose from, you can easily make an informed decision.


Most of the companies that sell windows throughout Lancaster also provide installation services. The company will send a team over to your house to measure the brackets for installing the windows and then cut out the frames accordingly. You will also have to select the design for the window frames as well. The glass panes will also be installed after the frames have been fixed into position, and they are cut according to the shape of the space available in the window frames.

The Must List