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Roofers in Nashville Detect and Repair Leaks in Chimneys, Flashing, and the Roof Structure

Chimneys can develop leaks through cracks in the structure or through worn flashing. If water drips down the fireplace mantle during rainy weather, this is an alarming sight, but the problem is pretty obvious. When the home does not have a fireplace, the leak can appear far from the chimney, making the household residents believe the roof is leaking. Roofers in Nashville will investigate the situation and determine where the leak is.

Homes Without Fireplaces

Many homes without fireplaces still have chimneys or, at the least, roof exhaust vents. Older furnaces and newer models that are not high-efficiency appliances vent through the roof. High-efficiency furnaces, in contrast, vent out the side of the building.

Problems With Flashing and Chimneys

A problem with the flashing or chimney can be resolved relatively quickly. Thoroughly sealing the flashing around the chimney creates a waterproof seal. Replacing worn flashing may be advisable to stop leaking. Thin cracks in a chimney can be patched. The chimney might need to be replaced if the homeowners are very particular about how it looks, since patching sometimes can be detected from the ground. It should no longer leak after this work is completed, though.

Chimneys at the bottom of a roof slope are especially vulnerable to developing leaks involving the flashing. These roof features should be resealed at least once a year.

Leaks in the Roof Structure

If the leak is in the roof structure itself, the Roofers in Nashville may need to return to the home a few times, since leak sources can be notoriously difficult to pinpoint. One strategy is to soak different parts of the roof with a garden hose and watch for the leak to occur inside. This understandably can be anxiety-provoking for the property owners but is an effective way to find the problem.

Rainwater entry problems can cause major damage to the interior of the home as well as to the roof deck under the shingles. It’s important not to wait to have the repair work done by a contractor such as H.E. Parmer Company. Details on this particular contractor can be seen at website.

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