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Signs Your Fireplace Needs Professional Repairs

If you have a fireplace in your Arlington Heights area home, you might find that at some point, it needs repairs. Here are some of the signs that you need fireplace service in Arlington Heights:

White Stains on the Fireplace Masonry

If you have ever noticed a powdery white substance around the bricks of the fireplace, you are experiencing something called “efflorescence.” This happens when the masonry has a lot of moisture, and the naturally occurring salt is pushed to the surface. Many people describe this as white stains. Moisture is bad for bricks and another masonry, so if you see this a lot, you should contact the pros for a repair.

A Rusted Firebox

A firebox should never corrode or rust, as water shouldn’t be part of creating a fire. Rust can cause holes or crack in the metal, which might create a dangerous chance of the box combusting or exploding. A little rust is probably okay, but if you see a lot of rust, call in a professional.

Mortar that is Crumbling

If you see crumbling mortar, you also have a problem. There are two reasons for this. First, the mortar is the structure of your fireplace and/or chimney. So, the crumbling could indicate that the chimney or fireplace is weaker than it should be. The crumbling also could mean that there is a lot of moisture. If you keep using a fireplace that has crumbling mortar, you should definitely call an expert.


On the top of the flue, you will probably see tiles. These tiles help to protect your chimney from the byproducts of fire. Shaling is a term that means these tiles have found their ways into the firebox. These should be repaired quickly if they fall off, and you shouldn’t light a fire until it is fixed.

If you are looking for professional fireplace service in Arlington Heights, contact Northwest Metalcraft.