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Signs Your Shingle Roof Needs Repairs

Your roof is the single most protective structure of your entire home. In order to keep your home, belongings and family safe and protected, you have to ensure that your roof is properly maintained. The key to keeping your roof in good repair is to notice small problems before they become big problems. Some of the most common signs that your roof needs repairs are highlighted here.

Damaged Shingles

A common sign that there are damaged shingles on your roof is if you notice ones that are clawing or curling. These are signs that the shingles are older and that they are exposed to excessive amounts of heat. If you leave curled and clawing shingles on your roof, they may be pulled away by the wind, causing even more roof damage.

Bare Spots or Missing Granules on the Roof

If your downspout is not placed properly, you do not have an eaves trough or the valley drainage has not been designed properly on a second floor, then a waterfall effect can develop that will wash the granules away as time passes. Physical damage and an aging roof system may also cause granules to be diminished and bare spots on your roof, as well. When the granules are completely gone, then the shingle will no longer be protected, causing it to become hardened from exposure to the sun. When granule loss on a roof becomes too severe, it can accelerate the aging of the roof’s surface, as well as shingle decay, which can become a source of water coming into your home.

Shingles that are Missing or Broken

If there are shingles on your roof that are missing or that have been broken, then it can weaken your roof’s ability to get rid of water and may become a point of entry for water. Some of the most common causes of shingles becoming damaged are excessive physical or wind damage.

Shingles that have begun to Buckle

A buckling shingle is visible since it will appear as a type of waved distortion that runs vertically up the house’s roof slope. These shingles may become easily damaged by ice or wind and can get torn away. The most common causes of buckling shingles is an underlayment that is not installed properly or the age of the roof.

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