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The Four Reasons to Have Luxury Ceramic Window Tint in Malibu

When you say window tinting, the first thing that comes to mind is for cars. This is true especially if you are talking about ceramic window tint. Ceramic window tint is made of a very fine non-metal material. It is a window film that can protect you from the sun without affecting your window’s visibility. The good news is, this luxury window tint in Malibu can be used for residential and commercial windows as well.

Why would you want to have a ceramic window tint at home? Here are four reasons why you should have one today.

It offers Infrared Light Blocking

The infrared light is a wave of light coming from the rays of the sun that causes heat. Even if your windows at home are closed, infrared light can still travel towards it and reach you. It causes the heat index to rise up and makes you feel hot.

A luxury window tint in Malibu can block infrared light of up to 90%. With blocked infrared light, your room feels cooler, hence you no longer have to increase your AC’s temp.

It offers Ultraviolet Blocking

Aside from blocking infrared light, a ceramic window tint also blocks harmful UV rays from penetrating your windows. UV rays are linked to wrinkling and skin cancer.

It Makes Windows Shatter-Proof

A genuine ceramic window tint is shatter-proof. It breaks but it doesn’t shatter into pieces. The ceramic tint holds the glass in place in the event of an accident. Say you are watching TV and someone accidentally threw a stone at your window, you will be safer because no shattered glass will hit your face.


Unlike polyester or metal tint, ceramic window tint doesn’t fade. It is not dyed hence the color doesn’t fade easily.

If you are planning to have a luxury window tint in Malibu for your home, you can contact Custom Clear Cuts or check their website at to learn more about ceramic tint and its advantages.