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The Indications Calling for Brick Fireplace Repair in Severna Park, MD

Brick fireplaces are designed to handle a lot of abuse from smoke and fire. The damaging effects of smoke, as well as the continuous assault by the weather, can destroy a functional piece of history. In order to extend the life and maintain the beauty of the brick, these issues should be addressed as soon as possible. As long as the strength of the brick is maintained, the fireplace can last well into the next generation.

Broken bricks pose a problem for fireplaces. While one broken brick won’t compromise the integrity, it does offer an entry point for water. Over time, this can cause the surrounding bricks to become damaged and will create a rippling effect that will eventually destroy the entire fireplace. The Brick Fireplace Repair in Severna Park MD will require the removal of the broken pieces. The mortar around it will also have to be scrapped out. Then, a fresh coat of mortar is added and a new brick is put into place.

On a fireplace, the most vulnerable places are not the bricks but the mortar. Mortar is a sealant designed to take the stress of the weather away from the surrounding bricks. Because it bears the stress points, this is usually the first thing to deteriorate. Softness of the mortar joints, loose bricks, flaking, and missing areas indicate that the mortar may have to be replaced.

Another indication that brick fireplace repair in Severna Park MD is needed is improperly escaping smoke. While the fireplace naturally filters the smoke upward and out, blockages may cause it to come back into the home. Sometimes, animals like to turn fireplaces into nests or use them as storage areas. The buildup of creosote can also impede the flow of smoke. Since these issues can potentially damage the brick, an inspection is required.

The fireplace has to handle the weather as well as contain the smoke and flames of a fire. In order to do this properly, they must maintain their integrity. Any signs that the fireplace is unable to keep up should be investigated. Browse our website for more information on the repair of fireplaces.