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The Most Common Weather Risks for a Gutter System in Brandon

If your home in Brandon has gutters, you must take care of them. To protect the entire system, you must know the risks and the right time to schedule gutter repair in Brandon.

Sagging Following Rainstorms

When rain lands on a gutter and lingers, the water can cause two problems. The first problem is a clog. During long storms, a clog will occur if water backs up in the gutters. The second problem is sagging. This happens when standing water weighs a gutter down. If enough water builds up on a gutter, the spout will gradually shift away from a home.

Leaks After Severe Storms

Thunderstorms can create major problems for a gutter system. During a thunderstorm, high winds can blow leaves, pods, twigs, and other debris into a gutter system, and these elements can create a clog. If a gutter is clogged before a thunderstorm ends, rain will overflow on the ground, and it could weaken a home’s foundation.

Trough Destruction by Strong Winds

Very intense winds can completely tear a gutter off a home. If this happens on your property, there are two ways to resolve the problem. You could let a team from a gutter repair company salvage the gutter. If this isn’t possible, you’ll need to install a brand new gutter system.

In Florida, tropical storms can weaken the strongest gutter systems. If you ever need gutter repair in Brandon following a severe weather event, Smart Florida Gutter provides a great repair service and a free estimate. To learn more, visit .