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The Three Most Popular Types of Custom Windows in Lawrence, Kansas

Windows help keep a home safe from outdoor conditions while letting natural sunlight stream through. Whether a homeowner is buying an existing property or building a new home, it is important to choose windows that are high quality and can provide years of reliable and maintenance free use. With all of the choices available, it can often be complicated to know which Custom Windows in Lawrence Kansas will be the best option. Below is a list of the most sought after designs, and the benefits to each.

Vinyl Garden WindowsWalls that have a large area for window placement are the perfect location for vinyl garden windows. These windows can be as tall as 6 feet and as wide as 8 feet, which will create maximum sun exposure. Their vinyl construction also makes them low maintenance, as they never require sealing or painting. Windows of this nature are not typically made to open, so are best used in an area that can benefit from being flooded with natural light.Bay WindowsThough not as popular as they were in the past, bay windows are an excellent option for homeowners wanting to increase sun exposure and create a space for plants and other non-light sensitive items. Most bay windows protrude 3-4 feet from the side of the home and provide an area that homeowners can decorate. Most bay windows are constructed from heavy duty vinyl and provide unparalleled protection from weather extremes.Beechworth Windows provide a floor to ceiling light and air flow and are perfect for screen porches and other indoor/outdoor living areas.

Beechworth windows can be constructed from aluminum or vinyl, and are designed to provide years of reliable protection from the wrath of mother nature. They can also come fitted with removable screens, which can allow an outdoor space to have airflow during warmer months, and provide shelter from cold temperatures in the winter.Choosing windows is no easy feat, but with a little research, any homeowner can make a purchase with confidence. For more information on Custom Windows in Lawrence Kansas, be sure to visit us. They have been a leading provider of residential and commercial windows for over 20 years, and provide top-notch customer service.