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Tips for Detecting Rooting Wood from a Roofer in Temple, Texas

There are two significant and catastrophic features of wood within a roof that make it something that needs to be monitored closely. Firstly, the wood panels are not visible from the roof. They are hidden beneath the shingles and not immediately exposed to sunlight. That is a good thing for obvious reasons. The second feature is that wood can rot- and that can spread shockingly fast. The combination of wood being hidden in the roof as well as being able to spread rot easy can have dire consequences.

Rotting wood is caused by moisture accumulation. Small droplets of water can stay for hours, if not days, before perspiring into the air. These little droplets create the perfect environment for fungi, specifically mold. The mold may deteriorate over time, but when it is present it is actually degrading the fibers of the wood. Over a period of time, the mold has a greater chance of breaking down fibers and rotting wood from the inside.

There does not need to be a leak to cause rotting wood. Condensation, even in the smallest and subtlest ways, can slowly rot wood as well. Another problem is that wood can be rotting without showing any signs on the outside. It takes a close inspection and actively touching to realize that the roof wood is often rotting. One of the most common signs of wood rotting involves the exterior. A Roofer in Temple, Texas, such as Mark Gillmeister Roofing, will closely monitor spots and wood to see if it is soft. The team uses special tools to review the wood for its integrity.

Obviously, wood can rot enough to where it shows clear signs through the home. Sagging sections within the roof show extensive water damage. Monitor the attic closely if there are lines and bends in the wood.

The wood most likely to rot will not be the panels easily visible from the attic. It will be the panels that are closest to the roof and subsequently buried a few layers in. A professional Roofer in Temple, Texas should be hired to manage the area and make sure the roof is intact.