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What Residential Maid Services in Orlando Offer Clients

Cleaning companies usually offer two types of services: office and residential cleaning. However, some companies also offer residential maid services in Orlando.

Unlike Alice on The Brady Bunch, a maid service doesn’t cook for a family, but they thoroughly clean their home on a regular basis. Here are some of the services to expect from a maid service.

Maids Provide Clean Homes

Although cleaning services also provide clean houses, a maid service goes further. They do more detailed cleaning in every room of the house. Along with cleaning the surfaces of the kitchen or bathroom, they also clean the appliances – including the inside of microwaves – wipe down the counters, and clean inside the cabinets.

A service that most cleaning companies do not provide is cleaning toilets, showers, and sinks in bathrooms. Residential maid services in Orlando not only clean these fixtures, but they also sweep, mop, vacuum, and make beds.

Thorough Cleaning Service

Although it isn’t a deep cleaning like cleaning companies offer, maid service includes wiping down surfaces usually ignored by other cleaning services. If the walls are dusty, they will wipe them down, clean dusty light fixtures and fan blades, and dust and tidy shelves.

They go the extra mile to ensure their customers’ homes are clean, sanitary, and clutter-free. Residential maid services in Orlando can help busy families have a clean home or clean for the elderly and other people who no longer have the capability to take care of the cleaning.

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