What Senior Clients May Want From New Home Builders In Fort Wayne IN

by | Nov 30, 2018 | Custom Home Builders

People often think of retirees as men and women who want to downsize their lifestyle, perhaps moving from the family home to an apartment or condo, or even to an RV. Many retirees, however, have saved for many years to have the house of their dreams constructed by new Home Builders In Fort Wayne IN. This might be the first time they are able to have a custom new residence built, and they can’t wait to get started.

Subdivision Communities

These seniors might want to buy a lot in one of the communities where a contractor like Lancia Homes builds houses on spec and by client order. People can look over the features of the subdivisions and carefully consider the various locations. Neighborhood covenants should be checked over as well.

Today’s Baby Boomer Retirees

These seniors might be putting a premium on exercise, for example, wanting to make sure they stay as fit and healthy as possible. They may want to live near a park, or they may prefer a country setting with many quiet streets where they feel comfortable taking long walks. In the 21st Century, many retirees of full-time jobs are continuing to work part-time or start a business. They may like the option of living within easy driving distance of a medium-sized city while still enjoying the peacefulness of country living.

These baby boomer clients of new Home Builders In Fort Wayne IN may want a house that’s big enough for their adult children and grandkids to stay overnight and have plenty of private space. That typically means at least a couple of additional bedrooms and a second full bath. They might have the guest area at a far end of a ranch house or on a loft.

Communities With a Range of Ages

These planned subdivisions have the advantage of creating a sense of community among area residents who share the neighborhood. People of different ages and stages of life move into these neighborhoods. Senior citizens will enjoy living in a subdivision with young families, middle-aged parents with teenagers, and other residents in retirement or approaching this next chapter. You can follow them on Pinterest.

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