What To Expect During Wood Window Installation IN Milwaukee Wisconsin

by | Oct 2, 2018 | Window Installation Service

Windows allow air and natural light to flow into the inside of a structure, but they also are an integral component in protecting the interior of a building from environmental threats. Windows are usually constructed from vinyl, aluminum, and wood, and while each has unique benefits, none of them compare to the beauty and long life expectancy of wood. If the idea of wood window installation in Milwaukee Wisconsin is overwhelming, don’t fret, as the following is a quick look at what to expect during the process.

Old Window Removal

The first step is to remove the existing window but to gain access to the various mounting components the surrounding trim on the interior of the unit must be removed. Once the interior workings are exposed, the screws are loosened, and the old window will be removed from the wall. Next, the technician will inspect the frame area to look for signs of any damage that may warrant additional repairs before moving forward.

Window Installation

With the old window out of the way, the next step is to prepare the frame for wood window installation in Milwaukee Wisconsin. The team will position the window into the mounting hole and then use shims and levels to ensure the unit does not lean. Next, they will insert several mounting screws to hold the window in place, and they will then inject foam insulation around the window to create an air and watertight seal.

Final Inspection and Finish Work

Once the new window is securely mounted, the team will inspect their work and check to make sure that it operates smoothly. To complete the installation, a technician will place the removed trim back around the window. Because the new window is constructed of wood, it should be resealed on a regular basis to ensure it retains its beauty and remains ready to stand up to the wrath of Mother Nature.

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