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When To Call For Quality Locksmith Service

While there are plenty of people, who have never had the need to call a locksmith. there are some times when this is really a good idea. When this is the case, it’s important to choose a Quality Locksmith Service.

New Locks

One good reason to call a locksmith is to install new locks. They can also install vaults, safes or home security systems, and they can make duplicate keys. They can make duplicate locks so that one key can be used to open all of the outside locks on the home. Keys can be made to open both the deadbolt and the regular lock along with other keys that don’t open the deadbolt, making it easier to control who can get inside and when. While it may be possible to have a contractor install the lock when a house is built, they don’t always do a good job. If a deadbolt isn’t properly installed, it won’t give the extra protection that the homeowner is looking for. This is the case when long enough screws aren’t used to attach the security plate, or there isn’t enough of a gap between the throw and the strike side.

Changing Locks

When people move into a new home, they should call a Quality Locksmith Service to arrange to have all of the locks changed. There’s no telling how many different keys were given out by the old owners to various people. Changing the locks on a home is a safety consideration that many people overlook when they move to a different home. The locksmith can also give advice on whether there is a better lock option available. For example, doors near windows should have double cylinder locks that require a key from either side, or a burglar could simply break the glass and turn the dead bolt.

Lock Outs

The one time when a 24-hour lock service is particularly useful is when a person gets locked out of the home or car, and there isn’t a spare key available. Not everyone actually gets around to or feels safe hiding an extra key on the property or giving one out to a friend, family member or neighbour to hold onto for emergency use.

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