Why Hail Damage in Indianapolis Needs to Be Addressed Immediately

by | Jul 8, 2016 | Home Improvement

The storm last night was rough, but the homeowner had no idea how rough until the following morning. Apparently, the hail that was part of the storm did some damage to the roof. The smart move is to call a professional roofing company and find out what has to be done to restore the roof to its former state. Here are some reasons the owner does not want to wait too long after the Hail Damage in Indianapolis is sustained.

Help From the Insurance Company

There is a provision in the home insurance policy about hail damage, but there are some stipulations. One of them happens to be that a claim needs to be submitted within a certain amount of time after the damage occurs. While the time frame may seem liberal at first, that final date will approach faster than the owner realized. The best move is to report the problem, have the inspection made, and get that claim started. In the best case scenario, the benefits will cover the majority of the repair cost.

Causing More Damage

Another reason to deal with the Hail Damage in Indianapolis sooner rather than later is to avoid more damage to the roof and the home’s framework. If the damage is severe enough to crack shingles and create leaks, everything stored in the attic is in jeopardy. To make matters worse, rain leaking through the roof will deteriorate the framework supporting the roof. If the owner waits long enough, the repair will involve a lot more than sealing leaks and replacing shingles.

Heating and Cooling Costs are Lower

Not everyone understands the impact a roof has on heating and cooling the home. With air seeping in because of the hail damage, expect to pay more in the way of utility costs until the roof is repaired. Depending on the amount of damage present, the system could use significantly more energy during the course of a single month.

Don’t delay after a hail storm moves through the area. Call the team at Amos Exteriors Inc and have the roof checked immediately. If there is any damage, the repairs can be made quickly and ensure the roof is good as new.

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