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Why More Homeowners Choose Granite Countertops In Kansas City MO When Remodeling A Kitchen

One of the best ways to make a home more visually appealing and to increase its value is to remodel an outdated kitchen. One of the most significant decisions that have to be made during the process is what type of countertops will be used, and the variety of choices does not make it an easy one. While there are a variety of natural and manufactured materials, one of the most popular is granite countertops in Kansas City MO, due, in part, to their extreme durability and natural beauty.

Heat Resistance

The idea of setting a hot pot or pan directly on a counter can seem like a horrible idea, but granite countertops are made from natural stone and are inherently resistant to heat. While it is still recommended to place a trivet or oven mitt under the pan, the heat will not cause damage to the surface. Heat resistance allows the countertops to retain their natural beauty and reduces the chances of damage during everyday cooking.

Low Maintenance

Granite countertops in Kansas City MO are extremely low maintenance and can be cleaned using a mild detergent and warm water. They can also be buffed to a shine using an ammonia-free window cleaner. Some granite companies recommend having the countertops resealed every five to ten years to help them retain their beauty, but that’s it. Granite surfaces are designed to provide years of beauty and act as the main focal point of kitchens large and small.

Durable Surface

Many manufactured solid-surface counters are prone to damage, such as surface scratches from rough pans and cut marks from knives. The hearty surface of granite helps to eliminate these issues, and most people find that they can even cut directly on the stone counters without damaging them. Don’t pay money for countertops that are high maintenance and prone to damage when granite is ready for any cooking project.

The process of choosing the perfect countertops can be simple when a homeowner decides to use granite. The team at Gaumats International, LLC. offers a vast selection of stone designs and provides free estimates and measuring. Be sure to contact them today to learn more about the benefits of granite and take the first step in giving any kitchen a makeover.