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Why So Many Residents Install Hardwood Floors in Tribeca Homes

The New York flooring business includes dozens of different materials in combinations that create hundreds of choices for Tribeca shoppers. Despite the dizzying array of options, Hardwood Floors in Tribeca are still hugely popular. Area experts like New York Wood Flooring stay busy installing and refinishing wood floors. Homeowners choose wood because it offers classic style, lasts for decades, increases home values and is easy to maintain.

There Is Wooden Flooring for Every Taste

Residents often install Hardwood Floors in Tribeca homes when they want to create a warm but classic look that can be customized to their tastes. Wood allows shoppers to do this because boards come from a huge variety of trees. Each has its own patterns, shades and colors. They range from the lightest ash to deep browns and even reds. Shoppers can view galleries with examples of beech, ash, yellow pine, maple, hickory and walnut. There are also exotic woods like Santos Mahogany, Brazilian Cherry, Tigerwood and Brazilian Teak.

Wood Floors Increase Home Values

Homeowners typically view wood flooring as an investment because it increases home values instantly. In fact, wood floors are at the top of many homeowners’ “must have” lists and can help houses sell more quickly. They are popular because wood lasts for decades and stays beautiful. Even if hardwood is abused for many years, professionals can refinish it and restore the natural beauty. Wood never goes out of style and matches any decorating theme.

It Is Easy to Maintain Wood Floors

Wood is easier to clean than many other materials and more sanitary. It does not collect and trap bacteria, mold and pet hair the way that carpeting does. That makes wood ideal for homes with babies and allergy sufferers. Even if floors get very dirty, it is easy to clean and sanitize them. Most flooring also includes a finish that protects the wood and makes it simple to tidy up with a vacuum or damp mop.

Although wood flooring has been in use for centuries, it is still one of the most popular. Wood is prized for its beauty, durability and ease of maintenance. Homeowners also love the fact that wood adapts to any decor.