Why You Should Consider Putting in Storefront Glass

by | Dec 5, 2018 | Glass Repair Service

The perfect storefront is a challenge for most people because it must attract customers, reflect the stylings of the store, and be secure and safe. It must be strong enough to withstand kicks and hits with feet and other items. Therefore, you may want to consider durable storefront glass in Chicago.

Attract Customers

When your storefront is made of glass, customers can see the entirety of your store before they enter. Those passing by on the street are likely to come inside if something catches their eye. You can also choose a product to feature, such as warm, fuzzy wearables for winter and stylish tank tops for summer. These items ensure that people know what you sell.


Most people worry that glass isn’t as secure as other products, such as traditional plaster walls. However, the glass used is extremely strong, and you can choose the most appropriate glass with extra safety features, as well. You can also install security products over the glass, such as rolling shutters; pull them down and lock them at the end of the night to prevent people from getting inside or breaking the glass.


Large windows seem to beckon to customers. Those already in the store can see sunlight, which can promote well-being and help them stay there longer (which might help boost sales). Those on the outside can peer into the store without having to stop, though they’re more likely to stop and come in if they can see what’s on display first. For both options, people can easily see what you have to offer.

Storefront glass in Chicago is essential to keep your store safe and ensure that what is seen is beautiful, so visit Lakeview Glass Inc. and get a free estimate.

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