3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Planning a Bathroom Renovation

by | May 21, 2019 | Kitchen Renovation

The time has come to do something with the master bathroom. Now you need to think about what sort of bathroom renovations Boca Raton would work best. By asking yourself a few questions first and then calling a contractor, it will be easier to come up with a viable plan for your renovation. Here are some examples of what you need to think about first.

What Major Changes Do I Want to Make?

Is there anything major that you want to change? Perhaps new flooring tile is a must. Maybe you want to go from a tub to a shower or a shower/tub combination. One of your goals may have to do with adding more storage space. Knowing what sort of major changes needs to be included will help shape the planning so there is no waste of time or other resources.

Is Most of the Work Cosmetic or Structural?

How much of the project will involve making structural changes to the bathroom? Will it be mainly cosmetic touches like painting or investing in new features? Knowing how much help you need on both fronts makes it easier to come up with a plan that addresses each task in a logical sequence. When bathroom renovations in Boca Raton are approached in this manner, it’s easier to manage each task without having to undo something that was done yesterday.

How Much Can I Afford?

The cost of bathroom renovations Boca Raton varies based on what sort of changes must be done. Take a good look at your finances and do a little research on this type of renovation. That will help you get an idea of what sort of work you can afford. This is essential even if you plan on getting a home equity loan or using a home line of credit to pay for the renovation.

Remember that coming up with a plan on the front end makes it much easier for the contractor to identify what can be done to renovate your space. Take your time, explore the options, and listen to what the contractor has to say. Doing so will help the project move forward without any unnecessary delays.

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