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3 Types of Natural Wallcoverings for Your Next DIY Home Project

As homeowners and DIY home designers look for new and exciting ways to update their interior spaces, natural wallcoverings are emerging as popular options. You can achieve almost any type of aesthetic by using natural materials, from modern to casual and elegant. Before you decide on a natural material for your home, you should understand all of your options. Here are three surprising materials that are used in homes to an organic aesthetic.

Grass and Plant Fiber

When people first hear about grass and plant fiber wallcoverings, they typically imagine a covering that looks like a fresh, green lawn. Fortunately, grass and plant fiber wallcoverings have a much better aesthetic. The grasses and fibers are dried, often resulting in muted, neutral tones that fit any interior design.


Sand may not seem like a practical option for natural wallcoverings, but it is quite durable and elegant. Sand wallcoverings are made by combing the sand with other shimmering materials in a base that is applied similar to paint. Your walls glisten and have a small amount of texture.

Handwoven Paper

Even wallpaper has evolved in recent years to accommodate the creative desires of homeowners who want something unique for their walls. Handwoven papers give a room an artistic aesthetic that creates an amazing backdrop for any type of furniture style.

Learn More About Wallcoverings from Natural Materials

There are a range of natural materials that can be used for wallcoverings in your home. Find the perfect wallcoverings made from natural materials for your next DIY home project at