6 Ways to Keep Your Appliances Going

by | Jan 21, 2019 | Appliances

Learn better appliance care and maintenance. Read on for tips on how you can keep your appliances going before you call for appliance repair service in Metairie.

Regular cleaning

That’s a must. Whether these are the clogged air filters in your AC or dirty condenser coils in your fridge, you’re going to want to clean them regularly. Clean coils and air filters help your appliances run much more efficiently, which save you money on your energy consumption bills, the Family Handyman says.

Reading the manual

Before you attempt anything, though—any repairs or maintenance checks—be sure to read through the unit’s manual. Different models and brands often have different maintenance schedules and needs. You’ll want to check that out before you do anything.

Don’t overload

The worst thing you can do is to overload your appliances. Always stay within the maximum load whenever you use your washer. Don’t cram too many clothes into one batch, thinking you’re saving up on water, time or even energy. You’ll have to contend with more problems if your washer gives up the ghost because you keep overloading.

Check the temp settings

If the temperature is a bit off, then recalibrate the setting in your oven. Again, be sure to follow the instructions on the manual before you do this. If yours doesn’t come with a manual or you’ve lost it, it’s easy enough to go online and get the information you need.

Use with care

You’ll want to be careful when you use your appliances. Don’t slam the doors or lids shut. That could lead to breakage and damage, which could cost you money. Keep these problems at bay by using them with care.

Hire a pro

When problems happen, DIY efforts can do more harm than good. Hire appliance repair service in Metairie instead. Get pros to help you.

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