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Wood Rot Repair in Kansas City MO for Window Frames Can Buy Some Time

Wood Rot Repair in Kansas City MO or replacement of wood may be necessary before exterior painting is started. Rotting wood can be painted over for cosmetic improvements and to reduce the rate of decay, although that will not completely fix the problem.

Weather and Wood Decay

This is a common issue with wood window frames when painting and staining is not done as needed. It especially tends to affect the sills where rainwater and snow can gather and sit. Dry rot also can occur simply due to ultraviolet light exposure over many years. It is difficult to keep wood frames in excellent condition forever, even with maintenance.

Strategies to Reduce Further Deterioration

Wood Rot Repair in Kansas City MO that will allow painting over it without continued deterioration involves the application of a hardening substance. Without this, the paint may start peeling away relatively quickly and damage to the wood will continue to worsen. The technician may first apply a chemical solution of sodium naphthenate, which also helps prevent further rotting. Loose pieces of wood can be removed and those empty areas filled with wood epoxy.

Having this work done by a contractor such as Platinum Painting LLC before paint is applied is a relatively effective strategy for preventing continued rapid destruction of the frames. From a short distance, the new paint will look attractive too, although the flaws in the wood itself can be seen when someone is close to the windows. Anyone interested in this type of work may browse the website.

Reasons to Go This Route

Homeowners may want to have this done if installing new frames is not in the budget right now. Perhaps they decided to buy a house that needs some tender loving care but they plan to do the various projects in a certain order. Sometimes a person inherits a house that requires a bit of work to boost the sale price. This individual may not be in a hurry to sell if the house is paid for and the taxes are affordable. The repair and painting work by a contractor will be enough for now. Visit the website for more information.