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The Benefits of a Remodeling Contractor After a Fire

A fire is one of the most devastating catastrophes that you can experience in your home or office. A fire is devastating because it destroys everything that it touches. However, it is also devastating because the smoke damage can be incredibly detrimental as well. In many ways, the smoke damage can be more extensive and more expensive to solve. The smoke will stain everything in your house. It will also settle into your carpet and upholstery. Even if your carpet and upholstery are not damaged, they will smell like smoke unless you hire a professional remodeling contractor.

Professional Contractor

A professional remodeling contractor will be able to put your home back together after a fire. One of the most extensive and important elements is upholstery and carpet cleaning. Even if the fire is not terribly extensive, the smoke damage can be. You will need to have the upholstery and carpet cleaned. The contractor will clean your carpet and upholstery in a few steps. First, the contractor will vacuum your carpet to lift out all of the loose particles that have settled into the fibers. Then they will shampoo the carpet with a detergent that will clean out the dissolved smoke particles.

The steam from the steam cleaner will be injected into the fibers of the carpet and pull out the dissolved smoke particulates.

Who to Call

Finding the right contractor is sometimes difficult because there are so many different firms that you can choose from. You should choose a firm that specifically does remodeling. Also, they should offer different services such as HVAC services and plumbing. When you experience a fire, there are more types of damage than just cosmetic damage to your upholstery and your carpets. As the contractor repairs your home, you might need plumbing work or heating work. You need a team that can do all of it. A good example is Dave Jones Inc.